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Welcome to Malcolm Roberts Tribute Site

My name is Indah Jeannie a new fan who manages this site after Sheila Welch passed away in 2020.  Sheila Welch was an important person who had been asked by Malcolm Roberts to run his fan club since 1968, she was the person who created and managed the Tribute Site/ fan page in 1968-2020.


I took over the fan page in 2020-2022 and unfortunately in 2023 the Tribute Site was discontinued, however, thankfully Sofia one of Malcolm Roberts’s fans who continuously contacting me, agrees to work together with me to manage the fan page/ Tribute Site. Now, we’ve updated the website and added some information to the Biography and lines from Malcolm himself.


The information came from Sheila’s personal file, particularly an article published by GAT/Girl About Town magazine, July 1974.  Another source of information was the Spencer Leigh’s Biography of Malcolm, published by The Independent newspaper, in 10 February 2003. 


Our goal is to share more information about this talented actor and singer, keeping the website always updated. We sincerely appreciate Sonia Lopes for having managed to share more photos and Malcolm’s autograph which has been authorised to be published.  We have a totally new page with more additional information and photos we organized and compiled with the previous important documentation Sheila had made for more than 40 years.


We will try our best to run this site with all the new updates, and let’s keep the bonding closely as Malcolm’s fans.


We do hope you will enjoy and thank you for visiting this site.